Water Volume sound

Pain Causing will make Water Volumes play a sound when the player is inside them (drowning sound) & tip of … More

UDK lighting modes console command

viewmode litviewmode unlitviewmode wireframeviewmode lightingonlyviewmode lightcomplexityviewmode texturedensityviewmode shadercomplexityviewmode detaillighting viewmode (returns to normal when given no parameter)

Falling Upwards


Type Stat Soundcues into the console in the editor to see what sounds are playing. 

Preparing to cook in UDK

in DefaultGame.ini edit these line with <MyGame> to <YourGameName> [Engine.GameInfo]DefaultGame=MyGame.MyGameDefaultServerGame=MyGame.MyGamePlayerControllerClassName=MyGame.MyPlayerControllerGameDifficulty=+1.0MaxPlayers=1DefaultGameType=“MyGame.MyGame”;   ///////////////////////////// and also this bit snarfed from UDK forum, … More

PhysX Apex Cloth export settings from 3dsMax to UDK