Goodby Uncanny Valley

With a cool map, Alan Warburton tells it like it is, about the craaaazy world of CGI. “It’s 2017 and … More

Tree Creator for Ue4

Plugin to allow quick flora generation by S. Krezel Features include: • Many generation parameters • Impulse force reaction with tweakable … More

Terra Nova Terra Nova is a dynamic in-game environment system for use in games that require the player to design its … More

Golan Levin’s Generative Landscape resources

Not really the right place for this here, but  it could prove useful in the future:


prostheticknowledge: Short indie game by Andrew Wang where you play a blind kitten navigating an envirnoment presented as particles based … More

About the project

///SPACE PLACE INTERFACE/// aims to examine how sensory awareness in virtual environments can be enhanced by allowing users to physically … More

Shape Of The World

video-game-foliage: prostheticknowledge: Shape Of The World Recently announced art game is an exploratory world that generates itself as you wonder … More