GM TVlab Report

Raft concept – VR user stands on a physical raft set and uses a tiller to steer. In world virtual cameras can project a realtime side-view of the virtual scene to create a pseudo-virtual production view…
Conceptually the raft tiller is in water and has resistance to turning witha tendency to rotate back to the center. From the top view, the tiller has about 90 degrees of turn with hard stops at each end. This is echoed in the Arduino setup..
The Arduino Nano Raft controller. A Stick has been glued to a rotary potentiometer to simulate the tiller. Here it’s in vertical rather than horizontal orientation. The brightness of the LED on the right is controlled by the movement of the tiller. These values are also sent out over USB to the PC for Unreal.

Theres a technical post with code samples over here

Here’s the prototype being tested – a VR screen recording

Is only sample audio and video content
Once again sample video and audio

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