OBS + Zoom – getting sound to play from OBS videos in Zoom. (+ OBS on second monitor)

This is for Windows.
You will need:
OBS version 29.1 or later
Audio Monitor 8.2 (OBS Plugin)
VB-Cable A + B (donationware can be had for 5 euros)

What I want to do is set up OBS so I can send my camera feed to Zoom and sometimes play videos with OBS – so that the Zoom callers can hear my video sound.

In OBS sending video is enabled via the Virtual Camera button, in Zoom OBS virtual camera is selected as a camera input.

Audio is more tricky, this is the way to do it. Audio Monitor plugin for OBS allows you to send sound to different audio devices. The Virtual Cable works as a virtual audio cable picking up the sound and routing it as either an input or output. (I’m using the A + B version as then I get two cables, A and B, and If I want I can get sound back from Zoom into OBS). I’m assuming that you can install software, including OBS plugs.

In OBS I have a scene with a video (which has a sound) and I’ve made an Audio Input from my SHURE MIC.

To both the Video and Audio inputs I have added an Audio Filter which is the Audio Monitor plugin, set to Device: CABLE-A input

In Zoom i have set the Select a Microphone to be CABLE-A Output (VB-Audio Cable A) and the Select A Speaker is set to my regular monitor – a Samsung TV. The Windows Sound Output is also set to the TV, so i can hear whats happening. In Zoom I can hear the other participants and they can both see & hear the video and my mic. – I can’t hear my videos sound – because that would cause feedback.

In OBS both audio sources are set to Monitor and Output

and the OBS settings are set like so.

Getting OBS to play sound on Second monitor or TV.

This is the setup I have: 2 x Samsung monitors, in different rooms –sometimes I want to show the videos & sound on the other TV

Steps to set this up are.

Plug in the second monitor or TV
Restart the PC to get the settings set.
In Windows, go into Sounds and rename the second TV to something memorable. I use MAIN SPACE TV (else mine are both called SAMSUNG)

In OBS set the Settings /Audio/Monitoring Device to MAIN SPACE TV:

Use the Windows controls to set the volume:

We don’t need to worry about the audio filters in OBS in this mode.
Right-click on the video window in OBS and choose Full Screen Projector Preview to get it to play fullscreen.
(Pro tip I have got a script called next-scene.lua that allows me to flip thru scenes using the arrow keys)