Blender Hotkeys, Tips

This is my dumb list of Blender stuff I can’t remember….(Blender 3.4 but should be good for all recent versions)

  • SHIFT+H: “Isolate” selected object. Hides everything but the selected objects.
  • H: Hides selected
  • ALT+H: Exit “isolate” mode. Unhides all.
  • TAB: Toggle between Edit and Object Mode
  • In Edit mode, 1,2,3 selects verts, lines, faces
  • Shift + D: Duplicate
  • Convert Grease pencil lines to mesh
    • First, make sure you’re in Object mode, with the stroke object selected.
    • Conversion tools are in the Rclick contextual menu – you need to convert to curves then convert the curve to mesh
  • Increase display size of vertex in the 3d viewport – go to Preferences/Themes/3dViewport/Vertex size
  • Batch Rename in the Outliner Ctrl+F2
Batch Rename