OSC and Unreal -deconfusing

Firstly an OSC SERVER listens for messages

An OSC client sends messages

I cannnot think why they would do this it seems completely arse backwards





you can specifically state which IP addresses OSCserver will listen to.

here’s the wrinkle – if the sending IP address is set then you better make sure that the PC is on that network
– if its not got that IP address OR there are 2 network interfaces and it’s set to the wrong one then it won’t work. S

So I have this setup for testing – both IPs are not set. Both need to have the port set tho’

..and this for receiving – note that I need to enable input to get the keypress. I need to be in simulate mode and attached to the player controller

So in my use case, for testing I had an ethernet connection and a wifi connection (private LAN).
For whatever reason it only listens to the first connection, the ethernet so when the IP sending address is set to the wifi IP it doesn’t get anything.