2 networks, 2 network adaptors -Windows 10, How?

You want to connect your PC to 2 separate networks, one connection is over the wifi, the other ethernet. NOT Bridging.

In my case I have a local tracking network connected via ethernet but I want to wifi to connect to the internet gateway so I can go on the internet. My problem was that the ethernet was connecting first and stopping the wifi from connecting to internet.

What you need to do is set the network priority.
Open the Network settings to check what’s going on.
I want this:

Open Network & internet settings

Open Change adaptor options

Select the network adaptor

e.g in this case the Studio wifi, Rclick Properties choose IPv4

Then advanced


untick Advanced metric and give Interface metric a low number e.g 5. The lowest number will connect first.
So ok all this, repeat for IPv6 give it same interface metric.
Then Ok go back to the other adaptor – in my case ethernet, and repeat the process but give it a higher number e.g 10
So the ethernet will connect second, and internet traffic should go thru the first network, the wifi.

What else might help is to get rid of all the unwanted wifi networks that the wifi might try and connect to:
Select wifi on the left and select manage known networks

and from the list choose other wifis and Forget network. This means the connection details are now gone, but windows can still find it if needed. The network will still show up in the list under wifi networks.


the other thing you can do is use PowerShell to change the network adapter priorities. See this guide

If you have more than one wifi adaptor you can change the Wi-Fi network connections priority order using netsh. See this guide