Get started with OpenXR in Unreal 4.27

Set open XR runtime in the VR Runtime
for example if you have Steam VR installed
open Steam VR / Settings /Developer (if you don’t see Developer Tab then click on Advanced Settings.)
check ‘Current Open Xr Runtime’ should be set to SteamVR.

This affects if the Unreal Vr preview is greyed out. IF you swap headsets to Oculus and you have that plugged in you will need to set Current Open Xr Runtime to Oculus.
How to set this? its an Environment variable

2. In Unreal Editor/Plugins
you will need
Oculus Open Xr = enabled
Oculus VR = disabled
OpenXr = enabled
OpenXrEyeTracker = enabled
OepnXRHandTracking = enabled
OpenXrMsftHandInteraction = enabled
SimpleHMD = disabled
SteamVR = disabled

All the HP motion controller and Mixed reality capture framework disabled (this is in and new 4.27 project with the VR template.)

I curen
Open Xr set Mobile HDR – off

Controller models ship with unreal and are determined by OpenXr as are the ‘interaction profiles’. The models now have a standardised ‘grip position’ a zero so that is the world location open Xr is returning. See ‘Get MotionController’ then ‘Break XRMotionControllerData’ node, expand to see other positions

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