Blender Tips for the occasional user

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Unlike riding a bike I forget these all the time…

TAB to switch between ‘Edit’ and ‘Object’ Mode. In Edit mode 1,2,3 swaps between Verts, Edges and Faces
Change Units
in Edit mode, Clean UP /Delete Loose gets rid of extra verts and edges that sometimes cause UVmapping crash
Showing ‘Edge Length’ setting is good if you want to move a face a specific distance – Note it wont show the length of this box until you move it! (only the size to the face)
…the blue selected thingy in the tool menu on the left gives a white box around the UV’s (seen here in orange). Dragging the white lines (not the corners) of the box will shrink /stretch the whole Uv set allowing for precise placement of this part of the image can make the edges show all the time by setting ‘Wireframe’ and ‘All Edges’

Hides selected
ALT H shows ALL
Shift H Hides everything apart from selected.

Show Radial menu
Shift S

Position selected Vertices to same place e.g flat on floor
S Z 0

Flip selected normals
Alt N, then F