Skeletal Mesh into Unreal from Akeytsu Via Blender

I noticed a problem with my pipeline where extra nodes were added into the Unreal skeleton causing an error. This is my fix.

Akeytsu settings for FBX export.

You then need to open the FBX in Blender. To get the bones to rotate into the correct orientation use these import settings – esp the Automatic Bone Orientation:

in Blender you can see that the Armature is there, underneath that there’s an empty (RuthLowPolyLIVEFIX.001) with the mesh under it, it is this empty that gets added to the bone hierarchy and screws everything up in Unreal….

I’m using the BATEX Unreal Exporter Add on  – this is the only way I found to fix the problem. In the image above you can see the BATEX export settings. (Its also great for batch exporting. The Batex exports 2 files. We want the Armature.fbx
ALSO IMPORTANT MAKE SURE THE ARMATURE Node- the little orange icon – is called Armature. Else it imports as a bone.

he Armature file – it brings the skeleton and mesh in correctly.

If Unreal says it can’t create Physics assets this means the bones are too small. The method to fix is, in Blender set the unit scale to 0.01 and scale up the mesh & bones by 100. THe scale up seems to happen in one hit, if you select armature and everything under and then when its scaled CTRL-A apply All transforms. Below is a pic of the units setting in Blender and the Scale box.  Had to do this with a skeletal hand and in Unreal the size is fine. N.b. All the fbx import fix units settings in Unreal don’t do anything it needs fixing in Blender.


Here’s the skeleton finally in Unreal with no extra nodes in the hierarchy.