Unreal Material Parameter Collection

Material Parameter Collections give you the power to edit Material Parameters globally. (It’s maybe quicker than setting a dynamic material to an object and then editing the params.)

To set it up
R-click in the Content browser under Materials & Textures add a Material Parameter Collection and rename it.

open it up and make some Scalar or Vector Params, rename them and give them defaults.

Make a new material and drag your Material Parameter Collection into it, twice. You can select your parameter from the Parameter Name drop down and hook them up.

Now make a Material Instance and apply it to objects in the level.

Altering the Material Parameter Collection’s values alters all the objects using the MI.

It can be accessed in Blueprint and altered at runtime to with dynamic values using a Set Vector Parameter or Set Scalar Parameter node, pointing to your MPC.. In the example below I’m altering the Colour values