Data Table Unreal

Making Data Tables drove me mad so here is an explanation I can understand.
For example, in each of my Unreal levels, I have many sounds, several for each level.

So in my Google Sheets document, the first Column is the name of each level. BUT The top-left cell A1 must be left blank – Unreal will use this to make a Row Name column so each Row Name is populated by one of my level names.

Below is the Data Struct that you will need to point each incoming data table at. You don’t need to make Row names as Unreal does this automagically.You can add variables to match your data. My variable type is a SoundCue and my variable flavour is an array.
The name of the variable “SoundCue”  in the Struct exactly matches the name of the second column in my CSV.
To give an array of variables In the CSV,  each item must be in brackets and separated by a comma and space like this (FirstItem, SecondItem, ThirdItem)

Finally this is what the imported Data Table looks like. You can see the Row Names come from my first CSV column and the next column is the arrays for each row. Selecting a row shows the array contents. It is possible to add extra rows by clicking the add button and manually entering the info.

(note Microsoft Excel doesn’t seem to make CSV’s that Unreal likes)