Unreal Blueprint interfaces as a way of sending variables to other blueprints

I have a blueprint character which spawns a bunch of BP actors. Each BP actor can be set to be one of 3 different meshes, Cone, Dodeca, Octa. I want to choose which shape gets spawned. I’ve looked at lots of interface tutorial videos and they were all confusing. Bascially i want to set a variable in all of the spawned actors, from my character BP.
Caspar got it to work for me like this….


First I made a Blueprint interface called SendVarInterface and edit it like this. it has one function called SendMyPesky and one input, an integer called  Somevalue..

I make an Actor blueprint called TestCube, with a static mesh cube and under the Class Settings /Interfaces I add my  Send Var interface like so. This is the thing I want to send variables to.

Now hit Compile then right-click in the Event Graph and add Event Send My Pesky, it looks like this..


now we can hook it up like so (for testing) with a Print String. Hit Compile and Save and close it and put in in your level.

So I have a character BP in the level and

I can right-click in the  Event Graph and add a Send My Pesky (Message).

it will need hooking up to its Target (the TestCube is in the level). Drag off Target and R-Click choose Promote to Variable, call it MyTarget and make it instance editable.

In the CharacterBp in the level, you should see a slot for My Target you can use the eyedropper to select the Test Cube in the level.

Now values you add to the CharacterBP under Send My Pesky in Some Value get sent & printed out by the TestCube.