HP Reverb, Windows Mixed Reality and me (and Unreal)

The HP Reverb is  a great headset –  high res and super sharp with great colours. You can browse the web inside the headset and the web page text is totally fine to read in small sizes.

Set up:
First you need to check that the PC will actually do WMR. There’s an app in the Microsoft store for that called ‘Windows Mixed Reality PC’ check. If you run it it will suss out problems for example you might need to update drivers.

Plugin the headset lead and then plug the other end into the PC with the USB followed by  Display Port. I had a few go-rounds of this and tried different ports. Eventually, Windows found the headset and whizz//whirr, does a download and the headset starts working.

WMR has a usual VR controller and boundary set up routine, and days later if it needs to recalibrate, it simply ask you to look left and right and down.

The other thing is it sometimes it may need floor height adjustment, to do that, do this:

  • Launch the Windows Mixed Reality Portal from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar and put on your headset. …
  • Hit the Windows key on one of your motion controllers.
  • Select All apps.
  • Select Room Adjustment. …

Next to get it to work with Unreal or other apps you can use Steam VR with a little helper app called ‘Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR’ which is in the Steam store. (However Steam VR may not work super well with developing in Unreal.)

When starting Unreal, Steam VR boots, sees the headset and it all works as expected in the editor.

(However this morning the headset went into an extreme fisheye lens mode, which is like being really drunk with none of the good bits. The simple fix turns out to be starting Windows Mixed Reality portal first, then booting Unreal.

EDIT: I’ve been having much better results using Unreal 4.24 with the HP Reverb and also not using Steam VR. Unreal 4.24 also gets you the new version of the XR/VR controller inputs because‘Motion Controller keys have been deprecated in 4.24 in favour of keys specific to a set of common XR controllers defined in the OpenXR specification.’  See this link 

What I’m liking about this headset compared to other major brand headsets is it’s not taking over the desktop with its own Store too much. What I’m not loving is that once the headset is running WXR takes control of the keyboard, so you can’t type until you press Windows Key + Y. This quickly gets old. And the cable to the PC is extremely heavy, like a python on your shoulder. The Reverb G2 promises a lighter cable. But the Reverb Pro with the special; short cable into the (tiny but super specced) HP Backpack is perfect, and even better the backpack features a special strap perfect for hanging the headset from when you take it off. Brilliant simple design.

So back in Unreal to get the best performance you naturally disable SteamVr and Oculus Plugin and enable Windows Mixed Reality plugin. This breaks the BP_motioncontroller but it can be fixed by making a copy renaming it say XR_motioncontroller and pointing your MotioncontrollerPawn at it.

Then in the XR_motioncontroller in the Room_Scale function under SetupRoomScaleOutline you need to delete the wires to SetupRoomScaleOutline like so: No more chaperones for you. Now the thing will show up the hand meshes and reporters however there seems to be no input.