VR chat spaces: Moz://a Hubs

Mozilla Hubs is an open-source VR chatroom, for all platforms.

To run it in Oculus will need the Firefox browser and then you can use Google to sign in. You can get default rooms to make your own.

This is where it get interesting as Mozilla have a web-based VR environment designing software Spokes (geddit?) which can publish to Hubs and thence saved as Scenes which can be opened as chat rooms.

Spokes can import from online resources for models including Google Poly and Sketchfab.

From Sketchfab it is possible to import to Spokes, 3d scenes in the glTF interchange format that is ‘designed to let you move 3D files seamlessly between applications while retaining a consistent PBR workflow’ Sketchfab allows you to download free models and buy models but where they get you, is if you want your own models in Spokes. Now you have to pay for an account and then you can upload modes to Sketchfab and download them as gITF to get into Spokes. Annoyingly Autodesk are part of the gITF consortium but 3dsMax doesn’t natively export to glTF as doesn’t Sketchup. So you need to get a plugin for max or an extension for Sketchup.
A plugin that’s free is the Khronos glTF plugin which exports in the Binary glTF format that Spokes will accept. It can be downloaded inside sketchup from the extension warehouse.

The funny wrinkle is that the plugin won’t export textures that are not .jpeg format and its a bit weird about how the texture is applied to grouped object.

Finally i discovered a website that does a conversion. This works for models including .fbx with skeletal animation https://modelconverter.com

here’s me embedding a Spoke in an iframe – remember this will work best in Firefox but it will work in Opera (But not in VR mode).

So some more info about Mozilla Hubs
You can host a room privately or publicly
A room is persistent
Can have 25 users. (Can have more but probably kills bandwidth)

Users can:
Send information (such as audio, video, text, images, 3D models, and scenes) to other users.
Can screenshare too.
Name own avatar
Use custom imported Avatar.
Import objects, draw, create emoji, share the room
Desktop users can stream video into VR
Desktop mode good for mom to follow child in VR.

Room owner can lock room permissions including create and move object, create drawings.
Room owner can kick and mute other users

Mozilla code of conduct here:
You can report bad users.
Simple privacy here