Downgrade Oculus home

Copy of a Reddit users post, that I figure will be very useful u/XepaceXakep

You hear noise in the sound or a strong distortion, and after the image completely disappears and the glasses turn off, and sometimes there is white noise in the through camera mode, and a notification appears on the computer that your displayport is turned off, or when you turn your head everything works, but if you go somewhere with glasses, then the whole interface follows you (tracking is broken, cameras, sensors do not work).

1. Close Oculus Home.

2. In the Task Manager, find all processes with a word in the name “oculus” and complete the task tree. To do this, in the Task Manager, go to the “Details” tab and look for processes there and complete them.

3. It will be necessary to replace two folders, in the folder with Oculus Home installed, in the folder (by default)
C: \ Program Files \ Oculus \ Support \
you need to replace the three folders with this (oculus-runtime), this (oculus-diagnostics) archives and this (oculus-drivers). It is advisable to backup the oculus-runtime, oculus-diagnostics and oculus-drivers folders.

4. After replacing the folders, it is necessary to prohibit Oculus Home from accessing the Internet so that it does not update you the replaced folders. To do this, go to the folder
C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \
and open the host file using notepad and add the following text:

to get the following:

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
# :: 1 localhost

Save the file.

5. Launch Oculus Home, it will require updating the firmware, then follow the instructions that the program will offer you.

You will not hear more crashes, freezes and distortion of sounds (but this is not accurate).