Path following Vehicle (Blimp)

  • How to get a vehicle to move along a path in this case a spline curve.
  • Adapted from the tutorial here
  • First, you need a blueprint actor with a spline component in the world. Add a few spline points – I made an effectively circular track with a spline that joins itself in a closed loop.
  • Now set up the vehicle. Make sure its static meshes are set to Moveable.
  • Now add a Custom Event. I’ve got mine so I can set a bool to decide if it path follows or not
Custom Blimp Event
  • Set up the event like this, basically, there is a timeline 1 second long, with a float track I’m calling Alpha with 2 keys at 0,0 and 1,1. Make the timeline loop for continuous movement
  • The Set Play Rate divides 1 by the exposed variable BlimpSpeed (Duration) to determine how fast the blimp moves.
  • The Set New Time determines where along the spline the blimp starts from.
Path following
  • The rest of the BP lerps the blimp along the spline. There is an exposed variable Blimp Spline Reference so that I can pick the spline in the world. There are other exposed variables too so I can tweak the speed and offset the start position.
Blimp Config in Details panel in World
  • I’m also sending the blimp position to a global variable so i can get it elsewhere
Send the Blimp Position out to a ‘global’ variable