White Island set up interface

To set up White Island.

  1. Put the rope interface in. The left & right axis of the sensor box gives you an East-West coordinate. Pulling the rope left make sets the sails etc.
    In this scenario, the user faces forward North.
  2. The rope interface now takes a 12v power supply. Plug in power then the USB to self calibrate. The 12v power means that you can have long cable runs.
  3. Use this knot on the bottom of the rope. Use a caribiner under the sensor box into the rope loop.
  4. The fans are arranged like the diagram. Plugged into the relay in this order. Each fan has a number and each relay plug has a corresponding number.
  5. Running the Processing script (RelayController_float_Matt2019_FAN2_Front) has been corrected in the code for the fan arrangement so that wind is blowing in the correct direction.
  6. Start Unreal last, with a user standing in the centre facing forward. This will align the Unreal level so that the windicator on the ballon is in front of the user and the wind is correctly aligned.

Things to look out for are the serial buffer in processing. Bad USB cable drop data too. The COM port should be fine.