Motive – (Optitrack) shortcuts for cleaning

Heres some useful shortcuts that Caspar Sawyer for when you’re cleaning mocap takes with Optitrack’s Motive software. These are for the Editing / Graph View – when you see the XYZ graph of the marker trajectory

Z = Find Next Gap
C = Fill gaps with Cubic interpolations
X = Smooth selected

F = Zoom to Selected
Shift F = Zoom to All
R/click Drag = Zoom in (weird)

Alt L-Click Drag = Scrub timeline
Scroll = Tiny Scrub

Alt L-Click = Jump Playhead to mouse position
CTRL + Shift + Left Arrow = Rewind to beginning

These are useful custom hotkeys too:
*Alt + M = Toggle Markers
*CTRL + Alt + S = Save all takes

See Graph view Channels individually – create a Custom View/Layout – will be initially empty, then RClick then you can choose which individual channels to expose