Motionbuilder custom hotkey to use SPACEBAR to Play and Stop

(This was figured out by Caspar Sawyer, so thanks!)

Unbelievably unlike every single other animation or video software, Autodesk Motiobuilder doesn’t use SPACEBAR to start and stop the Playhead, instead it requires CTRL + SPACEBAR dooooohhhhh!

BUT it is possible to edit the Hotkey Config file to get what you want.
Of course because Windows, you’ll need to have Admin permission and save this file to the desktop and then copy it to the correct location.

First get to the Config file, it’s at

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MotionBuilder 2010\bin\config\Keyboard\

There are several versions, were going to copy one and make our own. It will show up in the list of Settings/Interaction modes. I’m using the MAYA one so I made a copy on the desktop and called it MotionbuilderX9000.txt

(Interaction modes info here:

Open up the file and look for:

Name = Maya

change it to

Name = Motionbuilderx9000 = {CTRL:UP*DN}|{CTRL:SPC*DN}

change it to = {CTRL:UP*DN}|{NONE:SPC*DN}

Also look for

inter.viewer.pick.hierachy = {NONE:SPC}+RMB*UP

change it to

inter.viewer.pick.hierachy = {CTRL:SPC}+RMB*UP

Save it on the desktop then copy over into the directory,

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MotionBuilder 2010\bin\config\Keyboard\

Restart Mobu

then in Motionbuilder select MotionbuilderX9000 in the Settings/Interaction modes

You can now listen to this…