Get Wifi shield to work on the Arduino

Heres how to get the Adafruit Wifi shield up and running on the Arduino.

Im using the

Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shield for Arduino there is a handy guide to how to set it up. But if thats TLDR then:

  1. First you have to solder all the headers on, you need the little square one that comes with it.
  2. update Arduino software to 1.8.5
  3. Download the WIFI library Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries/Wifi
  4. Run the File/Examples/Wifi101/CheckFirmware sketch to see firmware version.
  5. If you see that you have an older version then update the FW – i updated to 19.5.2 – it tells me i need 19.5.4.
  6. But you dont! load and run the FirmwareUpdater sketch then under tools choose Firmware updater. Select  the FW  you need eg  19.5.2 and Update.


now you should be able to test it with the File/Examples/Wifi101/ScanNetworks sketch.