Unreal and OSC

HALF baked info needs editing ….

First check out this video

You will need to get Visual Studio Community 2015 onto the Pc with the C++ installed.
If Unreal complains then probably theres not C++. In that case start a new project with visual studio, choose C++ it will open a box you will be able to select C++ too install. Follow the steps in the video to compile the plugin. I’m using Unreal 4.19.2 and it works. Under the video are links to the Guithub repo.
Buy Touch OSC for your phone. It will easily send OSC to get you going. You will need to download the tiny  TouchOSC Bridge app onto the Unreal Pc to receive OSC messages. Links here

TouchOSCBridge needs to be running on the PC.

When you set up Touch OSC on the phone in the OSC section set the Host to the Unreal pc’s IP. Set the PORT outgoing to 8060.
Then in the Touch OSC bridge section choose your Found Hosts – your PC should show up if its running TouchOSCBridge. More info about setting up here 

Back in Unreal dont forget to set the receiving port up in the Project Settings
(And remember that the plugin settings in your “Project Settings” window are not used when packaging the project.
“Default” settings are. (have a look at DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultEditor.ini at the project root)
So you must set your plugin settings to be the default settings. (click the “Set as Default” button) – Or edit ‘DefaultEngine.ini’ after packaging.



This info here will be useful for sending data from Isadora or vice versa