Alexa Pollmann: Reality Remix – When going into VR preparation is essential….

When going into VR preparation is essential.
Get strapped into your headset. Find the room to call your territory. Extend your body and set your hands loose to become your everything. The soundtracks are cliché . But clichés exist for a reason. My orientation is key as I am loosing ground.
On the Macro. 
In an ideal world, this could lead to a ‘fast machine- slow thinking’ movement. Time does not seem linear.
But – looking at our society there are two essentially different modes of existence:  a more and more shoreless society on the one hand, borders of knowledge, identity, professions, gender and age loosen as time progresses which is a development catalysed by digital existence. On the other hand our society becomes more and more streamlined and monocultured and has unifying rules and modes of lifestyle. 2 extremes that could lead to war – the fluxes and the sedestrians. Imagine spheres instead of defined rooms, catalysed by digital and biological existences. The living in the moment as the consequence of the dissolving of borders and existence without matter – from digital identity into atoms and molecules. (thinking of Bubbles:Spheres 1 – by Peter Sloterdijk)
Rejecting the century’s predominant philosophical focus on temporality, Sloterdijk, a self-described “student of the air,” reinterprets the history of Western metaphysics as an inherently spatial and immunological project, from the discovery of self (bubble) to the exploration of world (globe) to the poetics of plurality (foam). Exploring macro- and micro-space from the Greek agora to the contemporary urban apartment, Sloterdijk is able to synthesize, with immense erudition, the spatial theories of Aristotle, Rene Descartes, Gaston Bachelard, Walter Benjamin, and Georges Bataille into a morphology of shared, or multipolar, dwelling–identifying the question of being as one bound up with the aerial technology of architectonics and anthropogenesis…
A look at us: American, Australian, British, German, Canadian – with no big difference but our specialisms to mention.
What if – we had another non mono-cultured input? Could we appreciate that the Avatar might still be understood as a god-incarnation in Hindu culture?
What if – we were to aim for an absence of terminologies that will predefine anything we could possibly create in our newly owned territory?
What if – we don’t use this space to correct or educate ourselves but instead allow for the mistakes, the dream and the surreal?
Is it the basic rules that we need to create? A manifesto? A legitimisation of this space?
I don’t think so… For jumping to conclusions can not happen as of yet. This other reality is still restricted by the means to enter and does not need to apply to any good practice on top.
Lets define its existence by making mistakes and celebrating the irrational. After all, what ever I have seen so far in the virtual landscapes has not yet impressed me as much as Ruth reminding me of the red shoes …
On the Micro. (ME)
One thing I’ve learned when meandering into other territory is to stick to my guns (pun intended :) – and how fulfilling it was to have a cloth to play with… though not using gravity was surely what made it so much more delightful. And maybe this is one key – to not change it all but just a tiny detail. Irritate the viewers, don’t alienate her/his knowledge of the expected but exploit it. Or so.
Perception is my interest and it landed me here. But Interaction is a key to perceiving as we perceive ourselves through the other to a large degree. Maybe this is why this empty space, the lonely ness makes us feel so insecure. Plus the fact that we are so reduced in our sensations.
It is fascinating though! Think of Le voyage dans la lune 1902, Georges Mélièr, the first of the movies. Could we possibly be pioneers?
In the beginning scene the Astronomists change from long Astronomists gowns into some kind of explorer coats and zylinders which suit explorers (the long white socks must have been a fashion of the time)
I like that you have to wear in order to enter, so the dressing is essential. (As always…)
But I also like with no reason: referring to Giacomo Balla, who ,paraded around in check suits’ ‘decorated with light bulbs that were activated at the most electrifying points in the conversation’.
Though interestingly enough, the utopian desire for a universal garment was shared by other artists of the Futurism movement. (back to the fluxes.)
On that note: I couldn’t find out about the drug that allows for black & white vision, but another thought that I’d like to keep alive is that I am not sure if our current bodies are disabled in virtual space – though HUMAN+ is not what I aim for.