Ruth Gibson: Reality Remix, Notes on Salon One

Self reference in VR
Godel’s incompleteness theorem
Paradox – I am but I am not
Hofstadters ‘downward causality’
Self consciousness
What VR can be
Why is it like it is
What if things could be different
A genderless cyberspace
Ethical, Unethical
A chance to do something different
Where different laws apply
Where different places, performances and memories exist

Our first day in Dundee was spent setting up the Vision space generously made available by Donna of the Neon festival and we were greeted warmly by Mal part of duo Biome. Slow bandwidth meant that this took longer than expected but by the end of the day Scott, Dustin, Bruno and myself we were all in Facebook spaces.

On the first full day of the Salon I taught several partner graphics taken from Skinner Releasing Technique classes 1, 2 & 3 – The Watchful State, Shoulder Graphic and Figure of Eight Energy Lines.

 Loom in the corner of the room

Alexa, Lauren and I were transfixed by a loom in the corner of the room.
and I keep thinking about disembodied hands.



Flammarion 1888 – L’atmosphère : météorologie populaire

Keith Richards guitarist with the Rolling Stones I heard on the radio say that “it’s easier to rock than it is to roll” he was speaking of Tinawaren a North African band who certainly roll

Erm, yes a VR environment where you roll not so much rock less of an ‘action’ space, less doing, less task oriented more groove
Texture what does this mean in VR
Weaving Machine – Loom in the corner of the room – 1st computer
Hands disembodied what is wrong with being disembodied

We discuss crossover projects and intermingling of skills and set ourselves tasks and problems to solve starting with experiments in conjuring the imagination and plenty of drawing which was super interesting.

AR Kit – selfie stick as steady cam but reverse – aerial vertical point cloud

FLIR Thermal camera tests the temperature those wandering in from the snow outside with hoods, deeply scary apparition the gradual reveal a psychedelic pinks and yellows

Dustin’s Improv throws up many fascinating relationship and representation issues
New stage directions wearing a character when donning the VR headset
Rift and Vive actually a cheap motion capture system
2 scenarios being in character
Adopting several characters

Joe – distance and presence almost like light map landscapes similar to White Island seeing in colour with new glasses yet wants to strip colour away in certain game environments to provoke navigation memory of game play on behalf of the player, intriguing. Josephs VR paintings are both wry and quietly profound. I want one.

VR recall

Let us move beyond engagement

Investigative approach to practice Embodied Intelligence
head hands partial
Different experiences
Understanding ourselves
So what
Cloth props partnering one person in VR one not duets appear as repelling magnets attracting the other yet aligning with an external field.

Particles, tendencies, yes intensities yes

Trigger finger, hunting sniper, Hololens pinch, Oculus grip, Vive squeeze, Quill and Tilt

Restricting senses Alexa’s prompt whilst others draw Paul and I do ‘Blind copy’ and trace in space – understanding our partners shape through touch.
2 people, one with eyes closed the other with eyes open, the one with eyes open guides their partner and takes two steps forwards and makes a shape in space, their partner traces their body (still with eyes closed) for a few seconds briefly to scan and memorise the shape their partner’s limbs are making – then the partner with eyes open guides their partner (still with their eyes closed) to walk 3 steps back. Then together they both walk forwards two steps and make the shape together. They open their eyes to see how well they did in copying their partners shape in space.

Paul has marvellous spatial memory and did this as well as most dancers I know. Paul is a player and maker of games. Do Game players have different understandings of space? Acute sense of navigation, instinct from peripheral play, accustomed to minimal and quick movements. Does practice desensitise or sensitise.

Real world does not disappear when we are in VR ( we are robbed whilst in VR) immersed but not transported
ability to perform restricted by controls disembodiment partiality

Valerian city punching

Scott’s drawing prompts – free expression – drawing on the wall 2D barrier

Alex’s beautiful dust space 

My Right Foot

Escher’s Hands

– lying on the ground drawing with Quill happily with my right foot then the brush size suddenly changed from ink pen to paint and a huge circle appeared before me and when holding what was now the brush close to my face it totally masked my view. A dark ink circle blotted the landscape, the impact of the blocking a deeply felt experience, unlike closing eyes or being masked more like a Solar eclipse – A Totality ( a totality in Skinner Releasing Technique is an image or series of images of a poetic nature that allows the student to immerse themselves in an imaginary atmosphere and ongoing metamorphosis.

Cycles of light, dark, day, night – a darkening when the sun is blocked the temperature drops and all is silent. ” I felt a chill pass through me” comment of a participant of the VR Makers Symposium in Malmo 2016 after experiencing MAN A VR a dancing body passing through them.

Choreographic ideas and strange moves – in Second Life I was always taken by the absurd way in which people appeared to be typing in any given scene. Dustin reminded me of this when players take their heads sets off and put their controllers down their avatars end up  lying face down flailing and wriggling around like broken uncalibrated mocap skeleton or in fact desperately upset avatars beating the ground floundering.

How does virtual reality look in the physical
Duet forming with the Chaperone and Guardian I work with Nick whilst he is oblivious to my satellite dance.

Kaleidoscopic – Scott speaking of colour sensor/wand, heat sensor

Thinking about falling and flying, laterally vertically – questioning the SRT hammock image. Optical reflections, fractal, stage lighting gels in the Red Shoes ( Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger movie) falling like feathers or leaves touch the ground and are walked on. Transparent layering in VR thresholds, portals AR/MR layers?

Fortune Teller Fish Miracle Fish

Waiting on a train