Copy Files from Windows 10 onto Mac

OMFG!!! Windows / Mac networking! on your home network!!!!

This tip may save you hours. You are supposed to be able to do all this fancy sharing but it doesn’t work for me this is the only way…

On the Mac open System Preferences /Network

then look for the IP address e.g write it down.

In System Preferences / Sharing  – make sure File Sharing is on and Add the folder you want to share to  the Shared Folders section by clicking the + button and navigating to the right folder.

Then under Options make sure that Windows File sharing is on. This dialogue may look different depending on OS

for example nowadays on MAC OS Sonoma 14.4.1 looks like this:

Look under networks settings and get the mac IP address

On the PC in the Search box type Run and in the results choose the Run Desktop Appenter

In the Run window type the following, replacing the numbers with your macs IP address: e.g


hit enter, a window will open with the list of folders on the mac you shared to choose from. Hopefully thats it.

If not and Windows asks for a Username and password  then it wants the username and password for the Mac not the PC. If you go an add a new user on the Mac, then it will make loads of directories and stuff and be a pain for the mac user. Best to use the Admin username & password  – this is what the mac owner logs in with, when they restart the mac.

To connect to the PC from MAC

Open the CMD prompt and type Ipconfig then hit enter to get the PC IP address e.g something like

On the Mac, on the desktop, Click on Go /Connect to Server from the Menu bar

Enter into the search bar smb://<The PC IP Address>
then click Connect.

It will ask for user credentials, set it to Authorised User not Guest and enter the PC username and password. This is the same as the Microsoft Account password.

Then it will show you a list of shared folders on the PC.

In order to share a specific PC folder you need to Rclick it and choose Properties/Sharing then click the share button.

It will come up with a window Choose Peopole To Share With in the dropdown choose Everyone, then Add, then change the permission level to Read/Write and click Share.

Thats it !!!