Change the Unreal default Camera i.e. not the default player camera

If you want a different camera viewpoint into your level then it’s very easy – place a camera in the level, then you can RClick it and choose ‘Pilot ‘Camera”, this switches over to show you the view throught the camera, you can use WASD to fly it to where you want. Then when you are done there is a small ‘eject’ button in the top L of the viewport.

With your camera selected open the Level blueprint from the Blueprints button above the viewport.

In the Level blueprint window Rclick and choose ‘Create a reference to camera’.

Wire that as the ‘new view target’ to a ‘Set View Target with Blend’ node.

Set the target to a reference to a  Get Player Controller. The final hook up will look something like this image..

(I have several cameras, I’m testing in my level, so I’ve added references to them all here, they are the 2 unconnected nodes. To add another camera, select it in the level, then back in the Level blueprint, Rclick and choose Create a reference to <YourCamera> then wire it up to the New View Target in the Set View Target with Blend node.)

When you are playing the game using the (PIE) New Editor Window setting for Play you will see through your fixed camera. It will take over from the player controller. (You can simulate it if you have the camera selected in level and you are Piloting it.)