Reality Remix: introduction

The ‘Reality Remix’ project brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts – a fashion designer, artists, researchers, and a choreographer to address challenges and opportunities that emergent technologies bring to content creation and interaction methods in Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality. The participants will debate, create and share understandings to reveal insights into the new arena of immersion. The project will explore how these ‘New Realities’ (Huff Post, 2016) can enrich cultural and commercial space, shedding light on ideas of interface design, display methods, and understandings of how we may inhabit, move in and around these new spaces.


The team will host three Research Salons under the call themes of Memory, Place & Performance. The aim is to enhance user experience and produce new understandings and insights through the creation of proof-of-concept prototypes in the development of next generation immersive experiences. The project will test a variety of prototypes culminating in dissemination events at Ravensbourne University and Siobhan Davies Dance where the research findings will be shared with the public. The aim is to enhance the interaction experience for audiences to produce new experiences which are intellectually and socially engaging and can, through a re-engagement with the complexities of encountering ‘new spaces’ generate new understandings about our relationship with our perceptions within the world and how the physical body is reconceptualised and re-encountered in mixed reality environments. These interactions will be accessible, reaching parts of the world where VR and AR have not yet been experienced (through connections and international contacts and links of the collaborators).

The interdisciplinary project will be of benefit to researchers and practitioners in a wide range of academic disciplines from specialists in movement – both performance and media arts based to those working with digital technologies, simulation and games, to social scientists interesting in understanding modes of behaviour in virtual environments, serious gaming and to cultural theorists interested in the creation of new spaces.

The research questions are:

How do we guide audience expectations for interactions in (mixed reality, VR, AR) space?

How is the figure represented, what behaviours surface from modes of interaction?

Can we elicit visceral and physical responses from our players, visitors and performers?

How can physically present and offsite viewers and performers be represented and acknowledged in shared virtual space?

Is the presence of other viewers or users of benefit in a live event?

Can we affect preconceived notions from audiences used to scripted theatre, video games or escape rooms?

What information do performers need to guide the audience?

What are the politics and aesthetics of cultural expression in VR from a global point of view?

Can an auditory, locative project augment one’s sense of time, place and memory?

Can abstract virtual environments give the user useful data through visualisation or sonification?

Below is a 10 min video where Ruth explains the project and if you want to see other posts from other team members about the project, click on the Reality Remix menu item at the top of the page or click here.