Cardboard Mime madness

“An impact crater on a distant planet: the scene of ancient hostilities. This is the eerie setting for a manga-influenced, comic strip drama where battle is stylised, almost ritualistic. And yet there is love.
Since earliest times, March (Marzo) has been the month of war as the winter fades and spring signals a return to the fray.

Protagonists enter the apocalyptic field, twitching and spinning as if in fast-forward mode. There’s a samurai warrior, alien challengers, spirits from the past and something more menacing. Straddling physical theatre and contemporary dance, Marzo has been developed with a wholly original performance style, the uncanny choreography complemented by a discordant, electronic soundtrack and minimal narrative.

From Italy, Dewey Dell’s founders – Agata, Demetrio and Teodora Castellucci and Eugenio Resta – have worked in collaboration with Japanese director Kuro Tanino and visual artist Yuichi Yokoyama, whose costumed figures come straight from a graphic novel.” More info here