Set up Unreal for Android / Daydream VR development

This is not a complete guide!! Just some things that may help you get set up for Android /Daydream development for Unreal. Also slightly useful for setting up Unity for Android too.
There are 3 main steps:

1. Get Visual Studio 2015

You can try here

Get Visual Studio Community 2015. (Searching takes you into a snakes nest of links to Visual Studio 2017.)

or even here

— you will probably need to sign up for a Microsoft account if you dont have one- painful
— and you will need at least 7GB!! disc space!!!!

2. Setup Unreal
Follow guide here:

3. Setup your Phone
This is also covered in the Unreal guide above:

You will need to set the Phone to developer mode
Make sure the USB cable from Phone to Pc is a data cable, not just a charge cable. Some don’t work

Look In device Manager, choose Add device – you may be lucky and see it,
For Google Pixel phone: DownLoad Android Studio and install then click Setup chose Standard
In Android Studio, click Tools > Android > SDK Manager.
Click the SDK Tools tab.
Select Google USB Driver and click OK.

**You can open the NVDK frolder where Android is goi into the SDK folder then go into the Platform Tools open the

. . . . . . .


  • Having plugins may make the packaging process fail. Check & remove unused plugins!
  • You may get a build error “you have not accepted the licence”- in that case go to C:/NVPACK/android-sdk-windows/tools double click Android.bat and install missing updates. it will ask you to accept licence.
  • We discovered that Unity Android dev was complex to set up on Mac because it requires an exact Java version etc. and Unity is really picky about you supplying the exact folder that the Android SDK is in. Unity setup on PC is tons easier!

. . . . . . .

4. Get Daydream working

– Now to get the Daydream VR. Of course you will need a Daydream headset plus a compatible phone, like the Google Pixel.

Daydream VR Unreal docs are here

but you should also check out this guide too, which shows how to set up the Unreal project. There are a whole load of settings that need to be applied to each project.