Simple Character Unreal 4

Here is a great starter tute about setting up the simple Blueprint character from scratch here – which also demystifies the relationship between pawn, player, gamemode etc. AND shows how to set up user inputs.

This gives you a little cylinder character you can see in 3rd person and drive around. This characters movement is a bit limited – you might want to have the character move forward in the direction you are facing more like a FPS style

– so in that case you will have to edit it like the two Pics below.
Pay attention to the Parenting order of the Components on the left hand size.  In order to get the Forward Vector you have to ‘Get’ the Camera – which has to be the parent of the mesh.

– In order to be able to wire up the Get Forward Vector I had to recompile and save and close because to begin with i could not Target the camera from Get Forward Vector. 

– I added an arrow to my character to see the forward direction. You have to make sure its Hidden in Game detail is unchecked to see it.

After that, heres a way to make a full on game character.