Unity Oculus VR dev problems and how to fix – Tip List

This is going to be an ongoing list: PM me if you want to add to this.

Ok so I was having nothing in the headset on Playmode and getting this error in the console:


I tried a bunch of stuff, reimporting the plugins didn’t help and led to other errors. Looking in PlayerSettings under Virtual Reality SDKs I could see that the list had an empty slot with Other or something like that in it then Oculus below it. Deleting the Empty slot or making the Oculus the top entry helped the first time you ran it but then running again reverted.

Eventually I deleted the OVR plugin folder, quit Unity, checked in the Assets folder and deleted OVR from there too. Then open Unity do a  fresh import of Oculus Utilities and finally went to the PlayerSettings
delete both entries, then add in Oculus and add in OpenVR. That worked phew!

To change the OVRCameraRig background or skybox

Open it and edit the CenterEyeAnchor camera, that’s the one

Oculus Builds not showing up in headset. 

I had a problem where i would build and the .exe wouldn’t run in the headset, only on the PC screen. R-Click on the App choose Run as Admin Fixed it. Going into Properties, Compatibility Run This Program As Adminstrator and Change Setting for all  Users means that that saves having to do that but you still have to click a dialog box from User Account control‘do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?’ Click Ok etc.