Examining relationships between figure & landscape, Gibson/Martelli collaborate to discover new performance spaces – the MAN A project has formed a ‘laboratory’ where we have been experimenting with a number of different ideas around this concept together with motion capture, large format printing, augmented reality and for this piece VR.
MAN A VR aims to push the viewer into the ‘computer space’ of our performers its a cocktail of camouflage – hiding, revealing, information bearing, noticeable, unnoticeable, marked, unmarked, appearing, disappearing. More info about MAN A here:

More info about MAN A here:
Download the Google Cardboard VR version here:
Performers: Nicola Gibbons, Ruth Gibson, Siobhan O’Neil, Robert Davidson, Eszter Gal, Bettina Neuhaus, Joe Moran, Florence Peake, Julie Nathanielsz.
Concept & Design: Gibson/Martelli
Printing: Omni
Sound: Adam Nash
Special Thanks to: Ian William Gouldstone, Alex Woolner & Dan McCormick for programming support and Jon Meyer for application support.