Use the new Cycle Creator tool in Motionbuilder 2017 to create looping animations

01. Open your take and then plot it to a Control Rig.

02. Scrub thru’the timeline look for a good starting frame for the loop. I look for somewhere where the knees are crossing where one foot is in the middle of the step and on the ground.

Start Frame, the Right foot is planted on floor
First Frame

03. On the timeline Rclick and under Local Mark choose ‘Add Start Mark to current Time’, then scrub to a good last frame, once again say where the knees cross and the same foot is firmly on the floor. Now Rclick the Start Mark and choose ‘Add End Mark to current Time’. Now you will be able the select the first mark and a section of timeline is highlighted in green.


Selection of frames between Start and End marks

04. Now open the Character Controls and the Cycle Creator windows..

Cycle Creator and Character Controls windows

..In my potential loop, in the first & end frame the R foot is on the floor, so i want to make sure that the Control Rig L foot is unpinned- this will mean that the RFoot will stay in position and in the last frame will have the same position and the rest of the body will be moved into the correct, matching position (as the start frame).

05. In the Cycle Creator widow, I want the options set like this- Referenced IK Controller – Matching the RAnkle and Translation matching X, Z, with Gravity set – that means rotate the last frame so that it has the same rotation as the start frame. Then click Create Cycle and you will have a new looping take, with the start frame number set to 0