Perception Neuron

We won the Perception Neuron Set Your World in Motion Contest, which means that we have now got 2 mocap suits. This is good news as we could do with having the capability in house to do mocap, which will be useful for recordings, live performance and of course integrating into VR.

PERCEPTION NEURON is the first tool of its kind to deliver SMALL, ADAPTIVE, VERSATILE and AFFORDABLE motion capture technology. The modular system is based on the NEURON, an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) composed of a 3-axis GYROSCOPE, 3-axis ACCELEROMETER and 3-axis MAGNETOMETER. The strength of the system lies in Perception Neuron’s proprietary Embeded Data Fusion, Human Body Dynamics and Physical Engine algorithms which deliver smooth and true motion with minimal latency.

The PERCEPTION NEURON 9-Axis sensor units output data at 60fps or 120fps*. The data stream is channeled to the HUB where it can then be transferred to a computer in three different ways: (1) via WIFI, (2) via USB or (3) recorded onboard using the built-in micro-SD slot.

PERCEPTION NEURON then connects to the software AXIS Neuron or AXIS Neuron PRO for calibration and management of the system, as well as recording and exporting data files for manipulation in most professional 3D, previz and game development tools.

PERCEPTION NEURON was specially conceived as a professional tool for video game developers, film makers, visual effects professionals, biomechanics researchers, sports and medical analysts, and virtual reality enthusiasts to finally have a flexible and affordable platform to experiment with and push the limits of motion capture.