Mocap Editing XYZ Method

Assumes you have recorded takes from Xsens or whatever and exported them to some format that can be opened in MB.

  • Open first Mocap take from a session (1 performer)
    select it’s root (hips or pelvis) and then import motion file and the use the Merge setting to import the other takes from that session into the same file.
  • Then characterise the skeleton ( which i will call ‘character 0’ here).
  • Merge the fbx file containing the avatar you want to use and use ‘character 0’ to drive it — this re-targeting gets around issues with different bone names in the skeleton.
  • Plot to the skeleton – this bakes the motion onto the avatar
    Select only the bones and then File/Motion File export.
  • XX Now export as individual takes the animation only — which has the correct bone names for your avatar — but does not contain any other bits (cameras, meshes).
  • NB. – you can use this straight away in Unity – with your avatar
    BUT you many want to edit first so in that case:
  • So open just your avatar
  • open Story, make a new Character Animation Track and select your character.
  • Right Click on the timeline and choose ‘import animation file’ select one of your motions from step XX