Method to retarget MoCap files to your character and end up with clean motion files

So lets say you have a bunch of mocap files that are not associated with any character and so are not charaterised in any way. These are the files when you select export motion file. It might be because you haven’t decided which character will have which mocap but you still want to be editing mocap. 

  1. Open a Motion capture file – just motion, no character or anything
  2. Merge a characterised skeleton file but don’t import a take – (I made  a copy of the skeleton in a Tpose and characterised it and saved it as ‘XsensTposeSkel’- Tip –  I edited the properties so the  bones  are pink to makes sure it came in)
  3. Now merge in the actual characterised character you want to animate. This would presumably have a skeleton with a different bone name convention,  and this is a way to get around all this basically…
  4. Set your characters input to character and set to active.
  5. Now your character is driven by the mocap.
  6. In schematic view (CTRL W) select just your characters skeleton.
  7. Export Motion, choose selected models only
  8. Now you have a clean motion take with the same bone names as your character that you can use to drive your character in Unity say.