Xsens Mocap Suit: How to Boot it


with the Access Point

Access point connected then
Power Suit
Open Software

BodyPack button lights
( (Slow fading flash – body pack turning on
(Solid – searching for wireless
(((Flashing- found wireless)))
(((((((Strobey flashing – sending data))))))))

— If no wireless connection, then run wifi setup:

((Hold WPS button on hub for 2sec power light will flash (3fast, pause)
Turn on body pack when its its on hold button for 2 sec until button flashes like the hub light ))

Open software

3 presses on BodyPack power  button to power off – takes a few seconds

. . . . . . .

Xsens SoftAccess Point

You will need MVN Studio v4.3 plus a firmare update for the bodypack. The new firmware only adds features. It does not take any other features away, — you will still be able to connect to the ASUS AccessPoint which was delivered with your MVN Link system.

You can enable/disable the SoftAccessPoint in the Preferences of MVN Studio to fit your requirements at that time.

— tutorial videos of the new features here:

SoftAccessPoint https://tutorial.xsens.com/video/soft-accesspoint-connection
Connect to local WIFI https://tutorial.xsens.com/video/connect-to-wifi
MVN Remote control app https://tutorial.xsens.com/video/remote-control-app

Don’t have the ASUS router on or connected.
– Bodypack is off.
– Disconnect laptop from any wifi network, but leave the wifi on.
– Start MVN Studio v4.3 in Administrator mode.
– Make sure that Soft Access Point is selected in Preferences, save and close preferences.
– Start a new recording session.
– Start the bodypack – it will take a few moments but it should connect after at least 60 seconds