Guide to Android Split IPK testing w/ Unity

Ok so this worked for me to test updates to the MAN A app. I had previously looked at innumerable guides on the internet to no avail. Putting versions in the Google Play store is fiddly and slow. This is fiddly but reliable.

  1. First in Unity make a copy of the working MAN A version you want to test.
  2. Add new content.
  3. if you have added extra Vuforia databases then open Scene 1. Click on dataSetLoader, then click Reset Dataset button then Calculate Dataset – this will remake the list of Datasets that get added to the split IPK – in my case adding a new Vuforia database.
  4. Now open ‘Build Settings’Build and Run wont work so instead Build to a folder.
  5. Plug in phone, open ‘Andoid File Transfer’ Mac app use it to add a new folder, navigate to that folder and copy the Apk and Obb to there.
  6. On phone use ‘ES FileExplorer’ app to navigate to your folder and click on the Apk to install it.
  7. Copy the obb file into the Android/Obb/MANA folder – it is called something like ‘com.gibsonmartelli.MANA 14’
  8. in that folder copy the name of the existing obb & rename your obb to that, deleting the old one.

Worked for me!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.29.45