Facial Mocap Rigging using Brekel Kinect Pro face & motion builder

This is going to be some notes about setting this up, very rough..

Face modelling Video Tute

Start with a 3d mesh of a face

Autodesk Morph Modifier

in 3ds Max add Morp modifier then make a selection of blend shapes. – These are copies of the face in different poses. e.g. lips going Oooo etc. The morph modifier blends between them – the Brekel Kinect Face Pro can record manipulate these points on a model in realtime.

This is the list from Brekel:
Brows Inner Up

Brows Inner Down

Brows Outer Up
Brows Outer Down

Lip Stretch
Lip Kiss
Lip Corners Up
Lip Corners Down

Upper Lip Up
Upper Lip Down

Jaw Open