Integrate AR+VR Vuforia Unity

Ok this post has been supersceded by newer version of Vuforia and Unity so see this post here:
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this video may help with that as it seems like its a total version  excursion where every version of everything  has to be exactly the correct one, down to the 3rd decimal place….

So I’m using:
Unity 5.3.1f1
Cardboard SDK 0.5.2

And following the instructions in this video..

BUT – I’m not doing the two things:
First in the video there is an edit to CardboardEye.cs – I’m not doing that – it gives errors

Second -Im editing the CardboardMain settings so that the video (of the real world) doesn’t show up behind the AR content. You do it by Unchecking Background Plane under

Main Camera
Main Camera Left
Background Plane

..don’t need to do anything below this line…

and this one below , but you will need to FFWD to 18min  -but he explains what it does, sort of, but doesn’t tell you how.