Scanning outside with the Occipital ‘Scanner’ app

TreeRoots sscan

Had some successes with the scanner outside, in the forest, however the app has a few wrinkles:

1. It has trouble in natural environments because it is determined to find a flat floor. What you want is point and scan, not spend effort trying to align a non-existent floor plane

2. Occasionally crashes, after it’s scanned, when its ‘applying magic’ (which I think means sort out the texture.)

3. Doesn’t have a means to save the scans, except by emailing which means that several of my successful, natural environment, scans got fubarred — the zip files won’t open– this is maybe due to the message queue in the mail program.

4. Does seem to do a good job of capturing leaves – except I can’t show you because of point 3.

5. Does a good job in low light conditions –under the canopy.