Marlon Barrios Solano from talks about the MocApp in this video:

Introducing MocApp, an app for iPhones and iPads to play motion capture data.

MocApp allows you to view & sequence motion capture data in the .htr format. The app builds a simple stick figure from the joint structure of the take.

The app was developed through Ruth Gibson’s AHRC Creative Fellowship at Coventry University School of Art & Design with the generous support of motion.lab, Deakin University, Australia. Her project Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of dance through motion capture is a unique exploration of the interface between motion capture technologies and Skinner Releasing Technique SRT. Focussing on the poetic imagery cited in the pedagogy, new dance visualisations are generated to create immersive artworks and enhance kinesthetic experience.

The MocApp was developed to allow easy viewing of mocap data without requiring users to have access to specialist software.