Export mocap and character

Good settings to export mocap and character and not much else. Works for MANA. (animation needs to be baked to skeleton)

To export just the motion – bake aim to bones, then choose ‘File/Export Motion’. -this gives smallest file size.

Then import into unity. In Unity, rename to ‘ModelName@TakeNumber’ – the @ sign is important and in the import settings under ’Rig’  choose ’Legacy’ and ’Store in Root’. (don’t do the renaming before importing, that seems to mess it up???!!) You can drag a model with a compatible skeleton into the preview area to see it. Also under ‘Animations’ set the wrap mode – to either ‘ping pong’ or ’loop’. To get the animation onto the model in the scene view, the model needs to have an ‘Animation’ component. In the assets, click the triangle to open the asset then drag the actual animation (looks like a blue square with a play button) into the ’Animation/Animation’ slot and the ‘Animation/Animations/Element’ slot. Thanks guys -so easy!