Surround in UDK – with 5.1 & Xonar – force it to work

Seems like the 5.1 sound in the Xonar is a bit flaky – not really sure why but heres how i get it to go…

Open Xonar DX Audio Centre panel
set it so that:
Audio = 6 Channels
Sample Rate = PCM 44.1Khz
Analogue out = 5.1 Speakers
SPDIF Out = Dolby Digital Live

tick the speaker icon box next to Analog out so that the panel is in Speaker Test mode, where you can click on a pic of each speaker and hear sound coming from that Speaker ..“Left surround..” etc.

The Amp should display something like Dolby Digital and have a lit up diagram of the surround speakers – that is to say, not just L & R

In UDK if no sound, click on the Live Audio Preview button and the Real Time preview button – then open a map, or if a map is already open, open another map. In the content browser look for a sound cue and Rclick select Play Sound. If you hear it all good, open your map, sound will come out in 5.1. If not quit UDK repeat the steps. Seems like it needs a kick to start it????