Oculus Rift setup in UDK

Go to C:UDKUDK-2013-03UDKGameConfig and open the file UDKEngine.ini with Notepad or other text editor
– Navigate to the [Engine.Stereo3D] section and set the bEnabled=True (the default value should be False)
– Open up a demo map and play it on PC (it will run via the UDKGame, next time you can directly start the UDKGame), Oculus Rift is not yet supported directly it he UDK editor
– If the UDKGame does not run in full screen just press ALT + Enter to make it fullscreen

– Bring the console up by pressing the ~ key and execute the following two command to enable stereo 3D and the Oculus Rift distortion of the image:
stereo on
hmdwarp on

– You need to enable AA filtering to compensate for the lower resolution of the Rift, to do that go to C:UDKUDK-2013-03UDKGameConfig and open the UDKSystemSettings.ini with Notepad or another text editor
– Make sure you set the following lines to the values below, this will enable 16x AF and 8xAA: