Low-poly Landscape Tile Pipeline 3dsMax -> UDK

in 3dsMax:

make sure that: Units are set to Generic and in System Unit Setup, System Unit Scale 1 Unit = 0.1 Kilometers.

then when you cut the tiles up select only 17000 -18000 tris

Convert to Editable Mesh
Unwrap UVW modifier, Send to Channel 2 Map Channel
Select Some Polys
Detach, Name

Make a low-res LOD version:
, using copy let it auto name
apply Optimise 

Select both meshes,
Group, Name
in utilities apply Level of Detail, create new set
Export selected as FBX – make sure its set to export units decimeters

(I now have a max script to do these 3 steps. 2 are custom macro recordings, the other is called Batch  Importer Exporter by Jos Balcaen http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/batch-exportimport

Import Static Mesh
Tick import LOD
in Static Mesh editor
Set LOD range = 57000
Simple box Collision
Simple Line Collision
Simple Rigid Collision
Create UVW

then add materials to both LODS