Get Oculus Rift going in UDK

You must be running the verison of UDK optimised for Rift. Downlaod it from the Oculus Rift developer site.

Start your game in PC mode –  from editor –  then press F11 to go fullscreen. If its not already stereo and warped then:

Hit Tilde ’~’ to open the console, type stereo on, hit RETURN then type HMDwarp on RETURN.

 There are also a bunch of config tweaks that improve the look of it and disable some stiff that the Rift doesn’t support. I will add these here later. 

Other stuff. I noticed that when I have my wireless xbox controller usb power supply plugged into laptop RIFT didn’t like it. I am using a USB power cable not the standard RIFT one. Its a 5v 1000mA USB to M-type connector. You can get from Amazon, its made by StarTech