Player character (my way)

UDNGame tells UDK which pawn and player controller to use, the UDNPawn references the custom animations etc. that I made, “the Player controller is the brains behind the Pawn, – Controllers come in different flavors, such as PlayerControllers and AIControllers, but their main purpose is to accept input from the player or other stimuli in the world, make process that input, and act accordingly.”

I got this from cobbling together:

to get it to compile i put:


into a folder called Classes inside  a folder called UDNExamples inside Development/Src. 

Then I edited
UDKGame/Config DefaultEngine.ini & UDKEngine.ini
so that under:
it says:

and i edited:
so that under:

To get the player character to showup ingame I think you have to edit: 
DefaultGame.ini and UDKGame.ini
so that under
it has:

i think the defaults alter the real ones

-So editing DefaultGame.ini changes UDKGame.ini