UDK Technique for new Playercharacter


Start with one of the example skeletons in 3dsmax (from UDK site

Delete unwanted parts (eg bipeds etc.)

Do the animation

Use Actor X plugin to export – look in filmbox format maybe UDK supports?


open UDK

Import the character mesh into a package

Add sockets (needed for gun etc)

you can preview the reference pose and animatins in the character window

Open up Visual Studio which has had the Pixelmine UDK bit added to it

(here you can do scripting and compiling)

Look in the standard packadges -you will be making a new class that extends the “UTFamilyInfo.uc”

I just copied the “UTFamilyInfo_Liandri.uc” and created “UTFamilyInfo_B_Female”

and edited the parts that refer to the 

Family ID



then go into the “UTPlayerReplicationInfo” class

change : “ CharClassInfo=class’UTGame.UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male’ ”

to the name of you character eg in my case:

“CharClassInfo=class’UTGame.UTFamilyInfo_B_Female’ ”

then ingame the palyer will be your character, you can open the console and do

Behindview = 1

to see the player character

–If the player character is rotated wrong, or not touching the floor

in the UnrealAnimSetEditor you can look under Properties/Mesh/SkeletalMesh for Origin and Rot Origin and edti those values. 

Seems to turn out ok!